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Private house project Under wing

Under wing architectural project by Planar Architecture Design

The two-story house is made of brick, which sets the modern strict form of the facade. The style of the house is expressed in graceful, slender and proportional lines without unnecessary deliberate decor. The compact and ergonomic layout of the house includes all the necessary common and residential areas and a small terrace from the courtyard facade. The social life of the household is concentrated on the first floor. There is a cozy ergonomic living room, a kitchen-dining room, an office and a guest toilet. Thanks to the partially open kitchen, the living area is enlarged while retaining its original function. In the left corner is a two-car garage, which has its own separate exit from the porch side of the house. On the second floor there are three bedrooms and a spacious bathroom with a comfortable bathtub. Also, a comfortable barbecue area with a terrace and a table for a large company and a separate bathhouse were found on the site.

Structural scheme of the building: wall with strapping beams
Foundations: reinforced concrete strip prefabricated with slab and grillage part of monolithic reinforced concrete
Ceilings: from prefabricated round-hollow reinforced concrete slabs
Staircase: metal with wooden steps
Rafter system: wooden on layered rafters
Material of load-bearing wall structures: ceramic solid brick
External wall insulation material: aerated concrete block D150
Wall finishing material: clinker brick
Plinth finishing material: natural stone tiles
Window system: metal-plastic profile
Roof material: ceramic tiles

  • area | 220 m²

  • number of storeys | 2

  • bedrooms | 3

  • location |Borispol

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