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Architectural design of a private residential house – Town house

Town house project Planar

A compact one-story house in a modern style. 
The main planning principle in this project is that beauty must be functional. 
The day area is a spacious, well-lit living room with a fireplace, connected to the spacious kitchen. 
Panoramic windows and a large multi-functional track allowed to erase the boundary between the closed space of the house and the area of the site. The night area consists of three bedrooms and comfortable bathrooms. 
By achieving a perfect balance of space, light and volume, the house gives a feeling of peace, balance and tranquility.

The constructive scheme of the building: frame and wall 

Foundations: precast reinforced concrete strip footings with slab and rover part of the monolithic reinforced concrete
Covering: reinforced concrete and metal beams
Material of bearing walls: aerated concrete D400

Wall finishing material: decorative facade plaster
Window system: aluminum profile
Roofing material: roofing membrane

  • area | 160 m²

  • floors | 2

  • bedrooms | 3

  • location | Ukraine

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