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Private house – On a slope

Planar Architecture Design – On a slope

The house is located in one of the picturesque areas on the slope of a gully flowing into the Dnieper River. The main task of this project was to organically fit the structure into the descending area, while preserving the natural relief as much as possible. From all windows there is a stunning view of the green banks of the gully and the water surface of the river. The whole length of the building is accompanied by an open terrace with a natural flooring that is a place of summer leisure for the whole family. To protect the terrace from the scorching summer sun made wooden pergola. To protect the bedrooms of the second floor from the southern sun - made active roof overhang, giving a deep shady area. The presence of freely ventilated attic protects the premises from overheating from the metal roof. On the site is a system of hidden drainage of upward and groundwater to protect the foundations of the building and the prevention of landslides.

The first floor in addition to the utility rooms occupies a spacious living room-kitchen-dining room, the second floor - bedrooms and bathroom.

The constructive scheme of the building: frameless wall with strapping beams in the level of the floors
Foundations: monolithic reinforced-concrete strip foundation
Beam ceilings: wooden beams
Staircase: wooden  
Trussing system: wooden with rafters

Material of bearing walls: D500 aerated concrete block, solid ceramic brick

Outer wall insulation material: D150 aerated concrete block
Wall finishing material: decorative facade plaster, compact laminate, titanium-zinc folded plate
Finishing material of the plinth: compact laminate
Window system: metal-plastic profile
Roofing material: titanium-zinc folded sheet metal

  • area | 135 м²

  • floors| 2

  • bedrooms | 4

  • location| Ukraine

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