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Private home project based on the Lloyd Wright style

Planar Architecture Design

An interesting task was to adapt the principles of architecture of the famous American architect F.L. Wright. The main principle of architecture is horizontal, squat: F.L. Wright's buildings stretch lengthwise, not upward. Wide, the roof with a large outreach - a very important component of organic architecture. It is an expressive means, which emphasizes the horizontality of the building. The color palette uses the colors of the prairie architecture - shades of warm gray. The color combinations are chosen so as not to irritate the eye, emphasizing the silhouette of the house, its angles and sections. Particular attention was paid to the functional zoning of the building. The definition between the interior and the exterior is another sign of the architecture of the famous master. The house consists of a technical area in the basement, a two-story hall, a dining room, a kitchen, a study, guest and master bedrooms and an open terrace.

The constructive scheme of the building: frame-wall. 
Foundations: reinforced concrete monolithic tapes.
Ceilings: reinforced concrete monolithic
Staircase: reinforced concrete monolithic  
Trusses: wooden

Material of bearing walls: ceramic hollow brick

Material for thermal insulation of external walls: mineral wool facade insulation
Wall finishing material: clinker tile
Sill finishing material: clinker tile
Window system: wood
Roofing material: asphalt shingles

  • area | 454 м²

  • floors| 2

  • bedrooms | 5

  • location| Ukraine

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