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Interior design of a private house by Planar design studio

Sun coast is the newest low-rise community with modern, laconic houses. In one of these houses, we implemented a minimalistic holistic interior in dark colors.

Our client, a person who values his time and attention, asked us to create a comfortable interior for a cozy family life that would reflect his tastes.
A task. Our task was to embody the principles of functional integrity and minimalist simplicity in the project, with a limited amount of time.
Layout. We   had to change the original layout and dismantle several walls to improve the ergonomics of the space. The area of \u200b\u200bthe house   can be divided into two functional spaces: a common area and a master area.
Concept. The concept was based on the following characteristics.  Dark colors, deep, rich tones that make the interior truly luxurious, they seem to envelop and “erase” the boundaries of space. If the task is to make the design comfortable, soft, sophisticated, then the dark range is what you need.
Materials. In the interior, wood, decorative plasters were used.

area | 124 m²

number of storeys | one

bedrooms | 3 

location | Novoaleksandrovka

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