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Office interior design  Wise factory

Office interior design by Planar design studio

Office - Wise factory is located on the 3rd floor of an old industrial building in the city of Dnipro. The starting point for the design was a standard production building. Since employees spend most of their time in the office, we set a goal to create a workspace with a comfortable and cozy environment, without depriving it of individual features. We used democratic and natural materials: Yekaterinoslav brick in the meeting room and the manager's office, corrugated profiled sheets, and backlit natural wood panels, which gave a soft shade to the concrete columns and the ceiling with open communications. Combined warm spectrum lighting was used to make it comfortable for employees to be in the office. The structural base of the premises is set by a grid of columns typical for typical industrial buildings, which organically fit into the interior of the office. We used an open plan type, isolating the meeting room and the manager's office with translucent partitions. The kitchen-dining room is combined into a separate closed block, which is sheathed with a corrugated profiled sheet. The recreation area is located above the bathroom area - on the mezzanine. The comfortable atmosphere of the office is built on the principle of contrast between rough concrete surfaces and wooden interior elements. As a result, we have a businesslike and discreet interior without unnecessary elements with an emphasis on functionality and ergonomics.

  • area | 450 m²

  • jobs | 60+

  • location | Dnipro

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