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SEC Cubic meters Food courts

Design of food courts in the shopping mall Kubometr

SEC Kubometr is a Pop-up Shipping Container Center format shopping mall in the center of the city of Dnipro, completely consisting of sea containers, built in the center of the city of Dnipro, next to MOST-city, at the intersection of the busiest pedestrian streets. The main task that the designers faced was to develop a variety of landing zones for a large open food court for 500 seats for visitors to the shopping center. The interior is designed in an ascetic loft style, with an ironic use of bright defiant colors and quotations from popular brands. The design concept is directly related to the theme of the commercial seaport, so the interior actively uses a variety of elements for storing and transporting goods - barrels, boxes, pallets. Despite the fact that the food court is located in the open air, a large awning provides protection for visitors. 
In hot weather, a fine-dispersed irrigation system works for cooling; in cold weather, UV heating is provided.

  • area | 1460 m²

  • visitors | 500+

  • location | Dnieper

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