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Fit4You fitness room interior design on Monomakh

The design of the fitness room was developed by the Planar Architecture design studio for the Fit4You sports network of fitness centers in the city of Dnipro on Monomakh Street. New modern fitness center with a nice design

A client approached Planar design with the task of redesigning the space of the halls for different types of activities. A space of 300 sq.m with several rooms, a sauna and a lounge. This space unites people with the values of a healthy lifestyle. The austere style of the interior is aimed at decorating a variety of sports accessories and focusing the visitor's attention on training. Our Planar design team strived to fulfill the expectations of visitors to the Fit4You sports space and the wishes of the customer. Ergonomically plan training areas for each visitor, and competently organize the storage of a large assortment of sports equipment. The main attention is paid to the lighting design of the halls. To create psychological comfort, the Planar design team divided the lighting into several groups and color temperatures. Achromatic tones are chosen as the main color scheme. The interior design used wood, concrete, brick

area | 300 m²
visitors | 40+
location | Dnipro

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