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Interior design of Fit4You fitness club on Lipinskogo from Planar design studio

The design of the fitness room was developed by Planar Architecture Design for the Fit4You sports fitness center chain. Particular attention is paid to a separate area for crossfit for 80 people, located in the shopping center "New Center" in the very center of the Dnieper on Lipinskogo-7B street. Modern fitness center with functional design.

Planar design was approached by a client with the task of creating a functional design for a fitness space from an enclosed basement. Behind the external simplicity of the design was a difficult task: to turn the underground parking of the building into a comfortable hall for crossfit. To solve it, it was necessary to perform the optimal location of all ventilation and air conditioning networks, electric lighting, fire extinguishing and smoke removal, which most critically influenced the height of the existing premises. Every square meter of the area, even at first glance unsuitable for placement of the zone, has become comfortable and full-fledged. The space of 900 sq.m consists of an open hall, a ramp and a fitness bar. This space unites people with the values of a healthy lifestyle. The ascetic style of the interior gives the design to sports accessories and focuses the visitor's attention on training. Our Planar design team strived to fulfill the expectations of the customers of the Fit4You sports space and the wishes of the customer. Ergonomically plan training areas for each client, and competently organize the storage of an assortment of sports equipment. The lighting design of the halls is given priority. To create psychological comfort, the Planar design team divided the lighting into five groups and color temperatures.  doing sports. As a universal structural and decorative material, Planar architects used plywood elements.  Visually expand the closed volume of the hall of the mirror zone in combination with a linear post-transom lighting design and focus on the most beautiful thing in the interior - the figures visitors. Concrete, wood, plywood were used in the interior design. Cross fit4u on glinka is a 24-hour gym with a cardio area of professional American brands. Professional area for Cross-training with group and personal training. Gym with dumbbell rows weighing up to 50kg and a fitness bar. Here you will be prepared, coffee, fresh, protein, gainer, energy cocktail BCCA

area | 900 m²

visitors | 80+

location | Dnipro

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