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Interior design project options

Interior design project for small objects (apartments, small offices, cafes, etc.)

    Design project  interiors is used for:

  • Finding the optimal planning solution that meets all requirements.

  • Creating a modern and concise space design.

  • Coordination of the received decisions with all participants of the project and construction (investors, tenants)

  • Basic calculation of estimates for work on aggregated indicators by contractors (at this stage, you can evaluate the scale of capital investments and correlate the figures obtained with your original intentions and, if necessary, make adjustments to the project).

    Initial data for the interior design project :

  • Current floor plan (BTI plan, tenant map).

  • A completed questionnaire and a design task formed by us on its basis.

  • Video and photographic materials (if the object is remote).

    Composition of the interior design project :

  • Measurement plans.

  • Variants of zoning schemes for premises.

  • Floor plans with arrangement of furniture and equipment.

  • Partition layout plans. Explication.

  • Floor plans. Explication.

  • Ceiling plans with lighting fixtures. Explication.

  • Plans with the placement of switches, sockets and electrical outlets. Specifications.

  • Sweeps of individual rooms.

  • Assignment for the production of individual pieces of furniture.

  • List of finishing materials for premises.

  • Visualization of interiors (2-3 angles per room).

The variant part for draft visualizations and planning decisions includes 3 options.

​    End result of the interior design project :

  • Design project album (paper albums with color visualizations, electronic album in pdf format).

Interior design project + Repair and finishing project (suitable for large commercial facilities)

    The project of repair and finishing works in  addition to the design project is used for:

  • Development of the engineering part of the project. 

  • Clarification of decisions in the design project, formation of detailed drawings, development of nodes, clarification of all the main volumes and specifications, taking into account the designed engineering networks.

  • Detailed calculation of all estimates for repairs or construction according to detailed drawings and specifications of the albums of the relevant sections (you receive control figures for all scopes of work, in accordance with which you can purchase materials or keep records and control your contractors, hold tenders for certain types of work).

  • Drawing up a calendar plan for repairs or construction.

    Initial data for the renovation project :

  • Copy of title deed or lease agreement.

  • Tenant's card, technical conditions for the engineering support of the facility.

  • Extended design task.

  • Design project of interiors.

    Composition of the project of repair and finishing works :

Basic set of engineering sections:

  • RH (heating, ventilation and air conditioning).

  • VK (water supply and sewerage).

  • E, EO (power supply and electric lighting).

  • PS (fire alarm).

  • DU (smoke removal).


Sections of engineering networks are developed by related organizations.

On the basis of all engineering sections, the design project is finally specified.

​    Конечный результат дизайн-проекта и  проекта ремонтно-отделочных работ :

  • Design project album (paper albums with color visualizations, electronic album in pdf format).

  • Albums of drawings of the corresponding engineering sections.

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