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Development of an interior design project

The project consists of:


  • Concept board of stylistic solutions, ideas and materials.

  • Variants of zoning schemes for premises.

  • Planning solution for the selected zoning option

Design project

  • Measurement plans.

  • Floor plans with arrangement of furniture and equipment.

  • Partition layout plans. Explication of structures.

  • Floor plans. Explication of the floors.

  • Ceiling plans with lighting fixtures. Explication of lamps.

  • Plans with the placement of switches, sockets and electrical outlets. Electrical accessories specifications.

  • Development of individual rooms with layouts of materials.

  • Task for the location of the main engineering networks.

  • Assignment for the manufacture of individual pieces of furniture.

  • List of all finishing materials.

  • Visualization of interiors (2-3 angles per room).

Author's supervision

Includes a visit in the agreed order of the facility to monitor compliance with design decisions, make adjustments and edits.


Assumes our live dialogue with contractors and suppliers of materials.

Online design

This option is also possible. Using modern messenger technologies and online communication, we can interactively carry out the design, as well as support the construction process of our clients from anywhere in the world.

If necessary, we can carry out business trips (the cost of transfer and accommodation is paid by the customer).

Scheme for the implementation of the interior of the property

We collect all the initial data that you have on the property and form design assignments together with you.

We leave for the object at such an opportunity to perform   measurement work, photo and video recording.

We develop a concept board of stylistic solutions, ideas and materials.

We develop the main schemes for zoning premises (we do as a variant part - up to 3 options).

We choose the best zoning option, develop a planning solution and draft visualizations.

We accept the best option and issue tasks for the development  of the necessary engineering sections (heating, electrical, ventilation, etc., if necessary)

We make adjustments to the design project based on engineering solutions. For rental facilities, we coordinate decisions with the organizations operating the facility or the lessor.

We carry out drawings, specifications and final visualizations and issue a ready-made interior design project to the customer.

Selection of a general contractor for civil works. Start of repair and finishing works.

Author's supervision

We conclude an agreement for architectural supervision of the conduct of general construction works by contractors.

We visit the construction site in accordance with the schedule agreed with the contractors. We maintain a lively dialogue with builders and suppliers.

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