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Interior design of the Collector's apartment

The project of the Collector's apartment in Lazaryan Residential Complex by Planar design studio

The interior design of the apartment is made in the style of Scandinavian minimalism. 
A feature of the layout is the use of open space - dining room
connects to the kitchen. This approach allows you to maximize the feeling of spaciousness and illumination of the room.
The main principle in planning is to provide the premises with a sufficient amount of natural light.
Mostly natural materials are used - wood for finishing and making furniture, ceramics and stone for cladding surfaces, natural textiles (cotton, linen) for decorative drapery.
In the decoration of the room, smoky, muted tones look good - ivory, gray-blue, creme brulee, greenish-gray.

  • area | 150 m²

  • bedrooms | 2

  • location | Dnipro

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