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Loft-style coffee shop interior design by Planar design

Interior design project for a street coffee shop I'll be black in the city of Dnepr on Zhukovsky

Interior design of the third wave coffee house "I'll be black" combined format, on the street. Zhukovsky, 37 

in the city, Dnipro. A feature of the layout is the maximum functionality of the premises, taking into account the possibility of selling both “to go” coffee and the possibility of serving in a small room where you can sit, hold a meeting and drink coffee at a table.

The interior decoration used structural brick, which was exposed after the dismantling of the interior wall decoration and white glossy ceramic tiles.

The main elements of the wall décor are the paintings “Coffee Lovers”, made by the Planar design studio using the photocollage technique.

  • area | 13 m²

  • visitors | ten

  • location | Dnieper

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