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Belka & Strelka coffee shop interior design

Belka & Strelka coffee shop interior design by Planar design studio

Belka & Strelka coffee house is located in the city of Dnipro on Yuri Gagarin Avenue, 24.
The location of the coffee shop on the avenue set the main conceptual direction for interior design. One of the tasks in designing the interior was to make minimal changes to the existing premises.
Everyone is welcome at the Belka and Strelka coffee shop: from couples with children, office workers and students to real coffee lovers who are united by their love for delicious coffee.
We have created different types of seating: high seats for four people, seats for two people with comfortable soft sofas and places for comfortable work and business meetings. The interior, decor details and the menu send the viewer into the space theme. The space of the institution is decorated in the style of minimalism. Graphite-pastel colors, laconic furniture and natural materials. Gradient painting was used in the decoration of the walls. The wall of the great hall is decorated with graffiti with a physical representation of the solar system in scale. The walls of the second hall are decorated with a decorative panel "Black Hole".
For the ceiling design, the decision was made to keep the stringer of the cassette ceiling to create the effect of a starry sky outside the atmosphere. The central tables are lit with custom-made satellite lamps. All stationary furniture is designed by Planar studio designers and manufactured by Ukrainian manufacturers. Metaphors of solar panels are made for table tops and bar surfaces. The legs of the tables are stylized under the chassis of the space landing gear.
The interior also features chairs designed by designers Charles and Ray Eames.
The color palette is monochrome, and the interior elements are made of warm natural materials.

  • area | 70m²

  • visitors | 40

  • location | Dnipro

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