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Interior design of the Parсoffka coffee house in the city of Kamenskoye from the Planar studio

Parcoffka is a city coffee house with an area of 60 m2 in the Zavodskoy district of Kamianske. The room is located in the old fund on the street. Net 8 - 12 on the first floor of the house of the 70s. Unfortunately, it was not possible to return the authentic facade, spoiled by aluminum composite panels, to its original form. The core value of Parcoffka is friendly space. We have created a cozy interior that allows guests to enjoy coffee and socializing. The atmosphere of the interior space was emphasized with industrial minimalism . Planar Design wanted to keep the industrial vibe of the city in the Parcoffka coffee shop. The interior looks minimalist but stays in touch with   industrial aesthetic trends

Before the coffee shop, there was a second-hand store that did not survive for economic reasons. To get a holistic space, the Planar design team suggested changing the layout. We dismantled the extra partitions, cleaned the columns and the ceiling from the “office plaque” of drywall and armstrong. The ceiling was cleaned and covered with a matt varnish, the wood-like linoleum flooring was replaced with porcelain stoneware.  The space ceiling, which resembles renaissance frescoes, has become the hallmark of the establishment. Our client turned out to be a man of fine taste and accepted the architects' proposal to leave the ceiling as it is. The walls were painted in a single color, engineering networks were launched along the ceiling and left open. In the back rooms, Armstrong's cards were replaced with expanded metal cassettes. The bathroom in its original form was covered with green tiles, which were repainted in a dark color. The space of the coffee shop can accommodate 25 guests and zonally consists of four locations: a soft group for 6 guests, a combined seating for couples, a solo seating against the wall for four people and a friendly table for 6 people. Guests of the coffee house are greeted by a bar counter decorated with corten, behind which baristas work like on a stage.

To create a sense of psychological well-being, Planar design studio used the warm directional light of Edison lamps and LED lighting to highlight the textured pattern of the imperfect brick wall. Above the main table, the designers placed pendants with flowers and three directional lights, which they found at a flea market with Edison lamps. The design used custom furniture. A friendly table for six people was developed specifically for the project by the designers of the Planar design studio. The tables were made according to the drawings by a local furniture company, and the plastic chairs were made by Ikea. Parcoffka is a kids-frienly, pets-friedly, all-friendly coffee shop, where every guest is a friend.  Here the quality of coffee remains at its best.

area | 60 m²

visitors | 25

location | Kamenskoye

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