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Cafeteria e.Yes

about the project

Cafe-dining room "e.Da" is located in the basement of a historic building on the street. Troitskaya within walking distance from the central part of the city of Dnipro.
The "e.Da" establishment positions itself as a cafe-canteen operating in the fast food format. The menu consists of popular dishes of European and Ukrainian cuisines prepared according to homemade recipes. The main task set by the customer when developing the interior is to comfortably accommodate 75 seats in different seating combinations, as well as to create the impression of an open, cozy space. The interior of the cafe-dining room is made in a minimalist style, with elements of ethnic paraphernalia associated with eating. The zoning of the interior is made with the help of living plants, the pots for which were large barrels painted in bright colors.
The role of a composite attractor is performed by the ceiling, in the design of which 15,000 wooden spatulas were used. The ceiling of the hall of the second room is decorated with decorative panels with ethnic dishes. Initially, the walls were covered with plasterboard, and the ceilings were covered with armstrong. After dismantling, a unique decoration made of Yekaterinoslav brick and old plaster appeared near the walls of the room, which has developed over time.
Regarding the design, a conceptual decision was made: the interior will play the role of an unobtrusive entourage, and the main focus will be visitors. Initially, the floors were covered with gray porcelain stoneware - it was decided to leave it, only to integrate an imitation of a carpet from tiles with an active graphic pattern. The furniture was made to order by Ukrainian manufacturers according to individual drawings. To add the effect of home comfort, the walls were decorated with handmade rugs and wooden kitchen accessories.
The color palette is monochrome, which favorably emphasizes the menu of dishes. Also, interior elements are made of warm natural materials and serve as bright accents.

area |185 m²
visitors | 75
location | Dnipro

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