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Interior design of Lift cafe in Novomoskovsk city

Lift cafe is a city-type friendly cafe for 32 visitors, which is open to couples with children, office workers, and real coffee lovers.

Architecture and design studio Planar was contacted by a client who decided to open a coffee shop for himself as a business project. Our task was to develop an interior design for a cafe to comfortably accommodate 30 guests. The designers of the Planar design studio have created a cozy and functional cafe interior for communication, friendly gatherings and business meetings. We have developed combined seating for accommodating guests in different groups: a high table for a company for 6 people, lounge tables with comfortable chairs, tables for business meetings and friendly parties. The interior design of the cafe is made in the Loft style using a large number of natural plants. The central element of the interior is a bar table for a company of six visitors. The interior and decor details play with the style of the Loft. The interior project used natural materials - wood, concrete, metal and vertical gardening.
The color scheme of the cafe is chosen in the range characteristic of the loft: achromatic graphite-pastel colors, with pronounced green accents from living plants.

  • area | 73.2 m²

  • visitors | 32

  • location | Novomoskovsk

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