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Development of the architectural design of the building

Any construction is an extremely difficult process. Both technically and logistically, and emotionally. Therefore, it is important to trust architects at the earliest stage, who will not only create the best architectural and planning and visually concise solution to your problem, but also go a long way with you. Removing solutions to many issues and saving your time, money and nerves.​ For us, the process does not end with a project - it ends only with a finished building that has exceeded the stated expectations.

The project consists of:

Preliminary design


 AP brand basic set (architectural solutions) includes:

  • Scheme of development of the territory with all adjacent buildings (based on the current survey of the territory).

  • Floor plans with furniture arrangement.

  • Building facades in lines.

  • Longitudinal and transverse sections (on the stairs).

  • Knots indicating the main load-bearing structures.

  • Visualization of the exterior (4–5 angles).

working draft

The basic set of architectural and construction sections includes:

  • GP (master plan).

  • AR, PNO (architectural solutions and exterior decoration passport).

  • KZh / KM (structures of foundations, building frame and floors, reinforced concrete / metal).

  • CD (roof, wall and floor structures for a frame building)​.

Engineering Section Kits:

  • RH (heating, ventilation and air conditioning).

  • VK (water supply and sewerage - internal networks).

  • NVK (water supply and sewerage - external networks).

  • ТМ,АТМ (thermal mechanical solutions for the boiler room, automation).

  • E, EO (power supply and electric lighting).

  • PS (fire alarm).

  • EG (lightning protection).

Author's supervision

Includes visits to the facility in the agreed order to monitor compliance with design decisions, make adjustments and edits.


Assumes our live dialogue with contractors and suppliers of materials.

Online design

  Using modern messenger technologies and online communication, we can interactively carry out the design, as well as support the construction process of our customers from anywhere in the world.

If necessary, we can carry out business trips (the cost of transfer and accommodation is paid by the customer).

To understand why each component of the project is needed, our scheme for the implementation of a construction object, in which the project is an integral component, will help you.

Scheme for the implementation of the construction object CC1 (private house)

Preliminary design

Choice of construction site. We will help you with the choice of a site or with the concept of what can be done with an existing one.

We fill out a questionnaire to reveal all the innermost wishes and even those that you did not think about.

We will help you collect all the initial data for construction and show you how to make the necessary surveys on the site.

We make a task for the design of the Draft Project. We create a concept board with our ideas and stylistic decisions.

We develop a variant part of the draft design based on all the wishes, initial data and our concept (this is a planning solution and the main volume of the building)

We decide on the best option and fix it on paper, making drawings and visualizations. We give you a draft design of your house with its spatial model.

Having a Draft Design at your disposal, you can already obtain permits and technical conditions for future construction from local authorities.

Now is the time to carry out engineering and geological surveys in the spot of the future building of the house and calculate the enlarged estimate for construction so that all our desires coincide with your capabilities.

If necessary, we make adjustments to the Draft Design upon the issuance of permits and calculation of estimates by building contractors.

We make a task for the design of the Working Design for the necessary construction and engineering sections.

We carry out all the necessary drawings, specifications and construction volumes. Down to the smallest detail and detail. The degree of elaboration of our working project will pleasantly surprise any construction professional.

We give you a complete Working Design of your house in digital and printed form in several copies. Upon agreement, we proceed to the interior design project.

Now you can, with our help, conduct tenders for the selection of contractors for civil works.

You submit a notice of commencement of planned construction.

Author's supervision

We conclude an agreement for architectural supervision of the conduct of general construction works by contractors.

We visit the construction site in accordance with the schedule agreed with the contractors. We maintain a lively dialogue with builders and suppliers.

Upon completion of construction, you register a declaration about the readiness of the building for operation.

Get ownership of the property. The building is given an address. Conclude agreements with service providers (water, gas, electricity, etc.).
The process continues in the design-interior stage...

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