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Muza apartment interior design

Apartment project in Muza residential complex by Planar design studio

The interior design of the house is made in a modern style. High ceilings and window openings provide maximum illumination of the room with natural light. A feature of the layout is the use of open space - the dining room is connected to the kitchen and the living room.
The main principle in planning is the ergonomic use of a large space with maximum convenience.
Used modern materials that meet the highest standards for heat-  and waterproofing, strength and quality of coatings. Natural finish is adjacent to the "wood effect" cladding. The main palette is natural and neutral shades. Each room has its own color scheme.
Gray, beige, dark green colors predominate. Used as accents are bright splashes in the form of paintings and individual interior details.

  • area | 185 m²

  • bedrooms | 3

  • location | Dnieper

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