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Butterfly Valley Apartment Interior Design

Butterfly Valley apartment project in Panorama Residential Complex by Planar design studio

The interior design of the apartment is made in the style of modern classics.
A feature of the layout of this style is the allocation of one large room - the living room, which acts as the logical center of the entire composition, with transitions from one room to another. Light and high ceilings, the presence of large window openings provide good insolation.
The main principle in planning  is symmetry. It is realized due to paired elements of the situation: bookcases, lamps, sofas, coffee tables.
Facing with marble, granite, expensive wood successfully coexists with composite panels, wood-like slabs, and plastic.
The basis of the palette is neutral natural shades. In their light incarnation, they make the room more spacious, and more saturated colors bring neat graphics. Bright accents of dark azure color are used.

  • area| 85 m²

  • bedrooms | 2

  • location | Dnieper

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